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In the 16th century, above the river Dobra, Bernardin Frankopan founded the town of Ogulin. According to archival documents, Ogulin's soldiers have been fighting for several hundred years, and the entire history of war was marked by the sad love story of girl Đula, so the pit in Ogulin was named jlike that girl. Above the Đula's pit lies a rock with the face of her loved young man who is sad because of her disappearance.

This is just one of many legends that connect with the beautiful Ogulin. Ogulin is a unique Croatian town situated in the heart of Croatia, between Rijeka and Zagreb, and visitors admire it because of its rich cultural heritage, natural beauties and interesting stories, so that's a reason why is Ogulin often called 'the city of legends and fairy tales'.

If you want to experience the adventure of life, go to the high cliff of Klek where is hidden the cave with the golden coins (ducats). Keep in mind that the cave opens every hundred years, and the golden coins are kept by the girl who is turned into a snake. Legend says that one who is brave enough to kiss the snake will make it a beautiful girl again and get love and ducats.

Ogulin is an ideal destination for adventurers. Whether you want to experience mountain climbing experience on the Klek, ride a bike, enjoy the water challenges at the Sabljaci Lake, explore the long cave system of Đula-Medvedica, or visit the Frankopan Fortress and Ivana's Fairytale House, an unforgettable fun is guaranteed!

For the full enjoyment of Ogulin, taste the delicious delicacies known for its excellent cabbage. In soup, roasted or in combinated with meat or some other side dish, this meal will delight even the most demanding gourmets.

Come to the beautiful Ogulin, indulge yourself in fantasy, adventure and enjoy every corner of this unique city!

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