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Nova Gradiska is located next to some of the most important Croatian roads: the highway Zagreb - Slavonski Brod - Belgrade, the railway line Zagreb - Vinkovci, and the state road to the cities of Pozega and Nasice passes through the city.

It consists of four smaller settlements, namely: Kovacevac, Nova Gradiska, Ljupina and Prvca.

Nova Gradiska was created in the Teresian era, from which many preserved monuments built in the late Baroque style remain. The spirit of that time is still felt today.

The most visited location in Nova Gradiska is the old city core. The monuments mostly date from the beginning of the 19th century; The Church of Saint Teresa of Avila, the oldest building in Nova Gradiska, belongs to the very top of the most important sacred buildings in all of Slavonia. The Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the building of the Novigrad High School, which was attended by many distinguished Croatian personalities. City park modeled after the famous French gardens.

The peculiarity of Nova Gradiska is in its colorful attractions, and one of the most special is the Promenade of Nova Gradiska attractions.
This promenade, located in an idyllic setting along the Sumetlica stream and the Ivo Petranovic Sports Park, tells the walker the story of the city, in a fun and interesting way, presenting historical facts and beauties of Nova Gradiska.

Nova Gradiska has an innovative technology park in the Industrial Zone, a Technology Incubator. The city is a good place to live for young families with children and all those who want to leave the crowded cities and move to a place where children can grow up well.

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