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Metajna is situated in the northeastern part of the island of Pag in the bay of the same name, and belongs to a group of villages called Barbati (Zubovići, Kustići and Vidalici). In Metajna is the natural rocky island landscape decorated with the aroma of aromatic plants - the basic food of many sheep that is free here for the summer months.

Nature has stamped here a permanent seal in a unique blend of wind, stone and sea. Metajna is stands out at the beaches with which you can hardly compete in beauty. 3 beaches (between 835 beaches) in Metajna are proclaimed for the most beautiful in Croatia, such as Ručica, Paška vrata and Beritnica beach.

The Ručica Beach, which is reached through a picturesque area known as the Canyon, is an attractive area due to the contrasts with the greenery in the middle and the bare stone hill that surrounds it. Irresistible fragrances of plants and sea, the bright sun, fields of healing immortelle. From the beach there is a beautiful view of the town of Pag.

To get to the unique Beritnica you will have to dive for a short walk through the bare rocks, but you will be greatly rewarded with the enjoyment on this special beach, which you can reach also by boat . At Beritnica, the nature in shallow sea has made three large rocky rocks - this natural installation is an unforgettable sight. Right above the beach is the famous rock Stogaj, which is very well known for passionate climbing lovers who overwhelm it each year.

Once a fishing village, today it is a pleasant and attractive destination for family vacation.

It is famous for its beautiful waterfront and a promenade stretching along the entire place. In the summer, fishing nights are held on the waterfront with live music, homemade wine and fresh fish. Since there are 3 fishing companies in the place, fresh fish is always available and in the restaurants you will find a variety of seafood specialties. Also shellfish, Pag’s lamb, prosciutto, Pag cheese are offered.

Every year, in Metajna, the traditional treking race Life on Mars event, dedicated to David Bowie, is held.Then adventurers try out their orientation skills and explore this exotic destination whose unique stone landscape reminds of the moonlight surface and begins and ends right on the waterfront of Metajna.

Did you know that Metajna was named after a powerful wind “bura” that blows so hard to clean the whole bay.

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