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Martinšćica is a village located in a spacious bay on the west coast of the island of Cres and is the second largest place on the island. The name comes from the medieval church of Sv. Martin, who is also the patron saint of Martinšćica.

The place is decorated with a lot of Mediterranean vegetation. It focused exclusively on family and camping tourism. With beautiful beaches and the breathtaking clarity of the sea, north of the village in untouched nature offers great opportunities for quality and active stay and vacation. Beautifully landscaped village with a lot of Mediterranean vegetation due to its pebble beaches, excellent seafood restaurants and special atmosphere has become a favorite resort of people eager for the sea and fishing and true nature lovers.

Martinšćica is an unavoidable destination of yahts on the way to the south because it has a protected port. It is a unique experience to visit Vidovići (a small place located at an altitude of 280m). After the bora, the view reaches as far as Istria and even Italy.

If you are looking for a place to escape from stress and worries this is as created for you.

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