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Lun is located on the northernmost cape of the island of Pag, about 20 km away from Novalja, immersed in a silence broken only by the song of crickets and the sound of waves.

Opposite Rab, protected from the bora. This is the reason why the vegetation on it, unlike most of the island of Pag, is quite lush. You will find holm oak forests here, but more importantly, olive trees. The town of Lun itself is not by the sea, it descends to the sea and a small port in the town of Tovarnele, 1 km away. Lun, or the port of Tovarnele, is connected daily with a ferry line to the town of Rab, which is only a few nautical miles away and actually closer to Novalja. During the tourist season, the ship on this line sails several times a day, on certain days of the week. Along Tovarnele there are beautiful beaches and promenades with a view of the nearby island of Dolfin, and the islands of Cres and Lošinj. There is a lighthouse on the islet of Dolfin, named after the good dolphins that are frequent guests in this part of the Pag waters.

Along the entire coast of Luna there are numerous bays with beautiful and diverse beaches. There are pebble, sandy, rocky and concrete beaches here, so everyone will find one to their liking. The sea around Luna is full of interesting diving locations.

What makes Lun unique on the island of Pag, but also in the world, are the Lun olive groves. Among about 80,000 olive trees in the Luna area, about 1,500 wild olive trees (lat. Olea Oleaster) 5-8 m high and 20-80 cm in diameter stand out. The oldest olive tree in the olive grove is about 1,600 years old, and one was recently found, never grafted, that could be older than 2,000 years, but science has yet to confirm that. This area of ​​wild olive trees with an area of ​​24 hectares is the only one of its kind on the Adriatic and one of the three localities of its kind in the world and therefore has great botanical value. Due to its characteristics, in 1963 it was protected and declared a botanical reserve. You can walk along the reserve along a promenade about 2 km long and enjoy a unique view of ancient trees from almost biblical times whose roots are intertwined with the stone of Pag. Gourmets are especially interested in olive oil, which is produced from olives older than 1000 years, but all the oils of Lun olive groves are excellent. The magical location of Lunjske maslinike has been holding the Olive Classic festival since 2018, which hosts Croatian and world classical musicians. Classical music and an unforgettable view of the sea is a unique experience that combines the most beautiful melodies of classical music with a beautiful ambience.

In Lun there are several top restaurants and taverns that will present you with dignity the splendor of Pag cuisine in its full glory. Be sure to try the famous Pag cheese made from sheep's milk, Pag lamb, prosciutto, fish and seafood specialties. With Lun olive oil and a glass of homemade wine, jaundice, this will be a real experience for the palate of every gourmet.

Nature has left traces of its generosity here in a unique blend of green and blue. If you want to find peace lost somewhere in the urban bustle, this place is ideal for your vacation. Mild Mediterranean climate and invigorating silence and friendly hosts will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

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