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Korenica is a charming little place in Lika. It lies under the mountain range Lička Plješivica in the Bijelo polje (White field), where flows a small river Korenica.

As Lika is the region with the least artificial light in whole Croatia, here you will have the chance to experience the most beautiful view of the sky.

And just in Korenica there is a unique observatory that you definitely have to visit. It is also the largest observatory in Croatia, 17 meters high and 10 meters wide. The top of the observatory is truly impressive with a wonderful dome that turns 360 degrees and opens automatically.

In the Korenica Observatory there are various workshops for children, presentations and astronomical events. Everyone interested is welcomed, and besides having a chance to enjoy a wonderful view, you will also learn some astronomy interesting things.

If you are a fan of snowy atmosphere, Korenica is the perfect location for you. During the winter months there is really a lot of snow.

Korenica is also the headquarters of the Plitvice Lakes municipality - the first national park in Croatia. With the richness of its natural beauties, Plitvice has been always attracted the lovers of nature coming here from all over the world. Come and see why!

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