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Along the Croatian-Hungarian border, 90 meters away from our metropolis, it is located the urban North - Croatian gem - Koprivnica. The unique main square and the huge park full of greenery situated in the very center of the city will definitely impress every visitor.

There are fifty kilometers of bike paths, free bicycles and unique bicycle monuments, which makes Koprivnica all over Europe known as the "bicycle town".

Koprivnica is a small town but extremely well developed thanks to the strong food and pharmaceutical industry, and that is why is often called „the center of Podravina“.

Known as the city of beer, Vegeta, art and top sport, Koprivnica has developed into a true small tourist town of interesting content and rich offerings.

The history of Koprivnica is exceptionally rich, and if you want to experience the life of this region in the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, visit the traditional Renaissance festival that is organized at the end of the summer every year.

Numerous painters, sculptors and other artists arrive every year in Koprivnica to give honors to the naive art, gastronomy and traditional crafts on manifestation Podravina motives.

Do not leave Koprivnica if you didn't taste some of the traditional and specific meals of this region such as green noodles with boletus, meal with pumpkin and cheese, soup with dried boletus, wild rabbit with specific side dish and many others.

Visit this unique and picturesque place of Croatia and discover all the magic that it hides.

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