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Komin is a place located on the right bank of the Neretva river and belongs to the municipality of Ploče. Not far from Komin are Metković, Opuzen and BIH. Above Komin is the hill Orlovac. Komin is two kilometers long and stretches parallel to the course of the Neretva river. Komin is a small picturesque place in southern Dalmatia with most of it’s houses and narrow streets preserved in a state like they were hundred of years ago.

Above Komin, in 1925, the church of St. Anthony Padovanski was built, which the inhabitants call Bila golubica. Every year on June 13th, a celebration is held in honor of the patron of the church, St. Anthony Padovanski. The patron saint of the place is Saint Barbara (December 4th), who answered the prayers of the people of Komin for mercy from the plague.

The inhabitants of Komin have been engaged exclusively in agriculture and fishing for centuries. However, numerous problems that have accompanied agricultural production for a long time, and the devastation of fish stocks in the Neretva Valley, have led people to start new activities, and one of them is tourism. Komin is an ideal location as a starting point for touring Mostar or Medjugorje sancturay.

Komin's estuary is ideal for kitesurfing due to the fact that some wind blows in this part every day. Komin is just 10 minutes away from the river delta, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Croatia. In Komin on traditional Fishermen's Night in July, you can try the most beautiful seafood delicacies and specialties directed by the best local fishermen and chefs.

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