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Kolan is situated in the interior of the island of Pag between two towns, Pag and Novalja.
The name of Kolan is probably originated in the Roman water system. This water system supplied from the source in Kolanjsko polje drained water to the Roman settlement of Cissa near Novalja.

On grassy terraces and fertile soils you can often see sheep that are free to feed grass from whose milk gets the famous Pag's cheese.can often see sheep that are free to feed grass and from their milk sheep that are free to feed from whose milk gets the famous Pag's cheeseIn the Kolana there is also the famous Gligora dairy where you can taste and buy famous Pag’s cheese.

Good wine, traditional far known Pag cheese, well-known lamb, prosciutto and other specialties prepared from seaweed fruits are the main delicacies there.

Kolan including Mandre counts 720 permanent residents who are increasingly engaged in tourist and hospitality, but do not even neglect the production of their own healthy food.

The specialty of Kolan is definitely mud from Kolan - a wetland habitat highlighted by the richness and diversity of the bird world. Due to its importance for the conservation of biodiversity, it is protected as an ornithological reserve. There were 163 bird species in the Kolan mud and the surrounding area, of which 66 are nestling.

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