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If you want a truly relax vacation on an island without a car, then Ilovik is the right destination for you. The Ilovik and Sveti Petar are Islands which are continuing to the southern part of the island of Lošinj, from which they share the Ilovačka vrata, a channel of 2.5 km long and 300 m wide. Its waterscape is naturally protected from all winds and can provide a safe stay to yachts and smaller ships. The long and well-protected channel between these two islets serves as a harbor for local fishermen and numerous boaters who come here to enjoy untouched nature.

It is connected by regular boat connection to Mali Lošinj and the catamaran line with Rijeka and Zadar. Much more is used the road to the southern part of Lošinj (the bay of Mrtvaška), and further on to Ilovik. In the summer from Mali and Veliki Lošinj there are excursion boats for Ilovik.

It is the most southern island of Lošinj with the place with the same name, where there are now 170 inhabitants. Today's settlement was created 200 years ago, when former farmers from Veli Lošinj settled here. The locals of Ilovik are dealing with vineyards and vegetable growing and a large number of wells that supply this land with water enables them to to deal with agriculture.

You can visit the parish church of St. Petra and Pavle from 19th in the center and a 12-meter deep well near the source of living water around which each year at Petrovo (29th June) they all gather and with the song and dance celebrate the feast of their patron saint.

If you get to the lookout of Did you can enjoy the beautiful view of the whole island of Ilovik, the right islet of Sv. Petar and Kozjak, and the southern part of the island of Lošinj and the bay of Mrtvaška.

The coastline is easily accessible from all sides, with many coves. The largest bay with a sandy beach is the Paržina on the south-eastern side of the island.

From the botanical world, Mediterranean myriad, evergreen forests, fields and olive groves are on Ilovik.

Enjoy this beautiful island, which is also called the island of flowers, because almost all the houses have bloom oleanders, palm trees, roses and other flowers, and the island's specificity is a tall eucalyptus tree. In addition to numerous trails and beaches, you can enjoy a rich gastronomy and find accommodation with friendly hosts.

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