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Glina, a town on the Banovina, southwest of Petrinja (21 km) and Sisak (34 km), located in the middle course of the eponymous river Glina between Zrinska gora and Pokuplje. The town consists of 69 settlements. Ban Josip Jelačić once ruled in Glina, and Josip Runjanin set the verses of the Croatian anthem to music. The city is successfully promoted throughout Croatia and Europe by the majorettes of "Glinske Banice".

The city center has regular intersected streets with a park in the central square and a series of harmonious houses from the Classicist era.

In addition to the textile industry, in Glina, a long time ago, in cooperation with the Sisak Ironworks, a metal processing activity was developed. Today, Glina is a city of special state concern and negligence, as is the entire Banovina. According to the latest economic index, Glina is the most underdeveloped city in Croatia, with a development index of only 19.67 percent of the Croatian average.

In Glina, you are easily overwhelmed by all the ugly memories from the 90s. And the opportunity for development is a lot: agriculture, small business, rural tourism. Nearby are unused and forgotten natural resources, Zrinska and Petrova gora.

Unfortunately, on December 29, at 12 hours and 19 minutes, a strong earthquake of 6, 2 according to Richter shook the Sisak-Moslavina County. Glina, as well as Petrinja and other places were destroyed in an earthquake that will surely be recorded in the history. It will take many, many years to built Glina. Fortunately, the brave people of Glina who have already gone through the horrors of the Homeland War will build a new, better and more stable Glina with the help of the whole of Croatia.




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