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Drvenik Veli is an island in the Split waters, northwest of Šolta, which is divided by the Šolta Channel. On the island the settlement and port of the same name are located, and it is the only settlement on the island with a population of 168 inhabitants and administratively belongs to Trogir. It is surrounded by several smaller islands.

There is also a marina where boaters can anchor. Suitable places for anchoring are in Grabula Bay and Solinska Bay in the south.

Drvenik Veli is great for a holiday in nature away from everyday life. The place is also great for adventurers who can explore the island in walking, cycling, diving, fishing and water sports.

In the vicinity of the place you can visit many bays and beaches. The most visited beach is near the Krknjaši archipelago, which is full of anchored boats in summer. There is also a restaurant on the beach, so you can taste freshly prepared fish specialties.

Local ferry Jadrolinija line No. 606 operates on the route Trogir - Drvenik Mali - Drvenik Veli, and the ride takes about an hour.

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