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Located about 30 km from Šibenik, Drniš is the central point of Šibenik-Knin County and as such has a long military history and an incredibly rich culture, it was built as a fortress during the Turkish invasion. The small town of many important and proud people cherishes a living tradition, excellent cuisine and amazing architecture, mainly thanks to the genius Ivan Meštrović, a famous Drniš man and one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century whose many famous works are in museums around the world. The city abounds in historical monuments, there are such as Gradina and Meštrović's Spring of Life.

There are two rivers in the area of the town of Drniš: Krka and Čikola, and it is surrounded by three mountains: Promina, Moseć and Svilaja.

Drniš is a small town with a lively folk and musical tradition that is preserved and nurtured to this day by numerous cultural associations, societies and ensembles. The tradition is written in both women's and men's folk costumes, and its elements have been a means of communication in the past few days, full of meaning.

Apart from the famous Ivan Meštrović, a world-famous artist, we will mention other famous people from Drniš: Krsto Odak, Croatian composer, Jakov Gotovac, Croatian opera composer and conductor, Ivan Aralica, Croatian writer, and among them is a Croatian national basketball team member, Stojko Vranković.

In the Drniš region, they are proud of their gastronomy because it has retained the best of nature in this area. Drniš prosciutto stands out with its special quality, which is the result of the micro-climatic specifics of the Drniš area and the well-known sharp bora. Another well-known and appreciated autochthonous product of the Drniš region is sheep cheese "from mouse". Its unique taste is the result of two months of fermentation in a bag made of specially treated sheepskin. Several varieties of autochthonous vines are grown in the Drniš area.

If you are visiting Drniš, be sure to explore several medieval fortifications, stunning sacral buildings and the incredible works of Meštrović that are located in this area. Go to cheese and prosciutto festivals and try some of these world-famous delicacies. Visit the unique theme park Etnoland Dalmati, where you will travel to the center of Dalmatian culture or try your hand at canyoning along the river Čikola.





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