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Did you know that the name Daruvar in Hungarian means the town of crane, and the crane is on today's Daruvar coat of arms. It is located not far from Zagreb - the most elegant small town in continental Croatia. Surrounded by fragrant green vineyards, equipped with a combination of historical and contemporary architecture and imaginatively landscaped parks, Daruvar is justified in carrying four golden, two silver and one bronze medals from the Croatian Tourist Board. A city where the harmony of architecture is naturally complemented by the beauty of the environment. Daruvar is recognizable by thermal springs and mineral deposits, and one of the main keys in Daruvar's attractive offer is Daruvar's spa. Their long-standing tradition is complemented by the Daruvar wine road. As a rare city in this part of Croatia, can boast with such diversity of reliefs, climate, soil and a host of other factors that favor grape growing. Vineyards and cozy interiors of wine tasting, wine tasting itself with specific stories about varieties and stages of making, tasting of homemade cheese and various cured meats are part of the Daruvar Wine Road.

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