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Brinje with its settlements is located in the heart of mountainous Croatia in the Brinje karst field of the northwestern part of the Gack field in the Brinje bay. It is an unavoidable stop on the way to the sea and the Plitvice Lakes, the old Jozefinska, by highway or by bicycle from any part of Croatia.

It is also the seat of the municipality that stretches between the slopes of Velika Kapela and Velebit.

Due to temperature inversions, this is one of the coldest regions in Croatia, where summers are short and dry, and winters are long and snowy. But every season has its own magic and is a reason for another story and visit.

On a small hill in the very center of Brinje is the old town of Sokolac, a monument of zero category and one of the most beautiful monuments of the Middle Ages. With its elevated position and interesting volumes, the palace chapel and the entrance tower have always attracted tourists and passers-by.

If you long for places where you can find peace and untouched beauty of nature, silence and a delicious snack, Brinje is the right place.

Enter Lika in the best way, taste the charms of the green Brinjska valley, fresh skripavac cheese and pine brandy.

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