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The city of Bjelovar is the seat of the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, but also the natural, cultural and political center of this region and is one of the youngest cities in Croatia.

When you come to Bjelovar, you will be able to visit some of the ponds, and the Bjelovar region has always been known as a paradise for domestic and foreign hunters, because it abounds in various, especially wild animals.

It has a regular square street structure in the city center and a large central square. Around the square are important cultural and historical monuments: the baroque Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila, the building of the city museum, the central pavilion in the park, according to many the largest stone music pavilion in Europe. Once a military city, Bjelovar is today a city of greenery and parks, but also a city of cafes, and more recently it has become a city of events!

In June, Bjelovar hosts a multi-day, traditional, cultural, entertainment and tourist event Terezijana, which consists of sports competitions in cycling and archery, unusual records and fashion shows, various concerts and a stage show of the Empress's arrival in Bjelovar. With a centuries-old tradition, the Bjelovar Fair, which is known as the largest agricultural fair in the region of this part of Europe, is being held.

The park on Eugen Kvaternik Square received the award for the most beautiful park in continental Croatia. There are about 40 species of trees and shrubs in the park (mostly non-native species), while the city of Bjelovar has been declared the third most beautiful city in continental Croatia.


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