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Baška Voda, a former old settlement where only merchants, sailors and fishermen lived, today is a modern tourist destination with all the features of a Mediterranean town.

It is also recognizable by the Biokovo Nature Park which rises above it. As far as the coastal area of the municipality is concerned, many people will agree that Baška Voda has the most beautiful pebble beaches of the Adriatic and the clearest sea. Numerous poets have pointed out that the crystal water of Baška Voda was and will be an eternal source of inspiration for all of them. And how would not it be? Apart from the beauty of the sea, relaxation in the shade of pine and palm trees inspires every visitor. If you choose to visit the mainland part of the municipality, such as Topić or Bast, you will enter the history of Baška Voda and see the stone houses that show the former life of people in the coastal part.

Hospitable people from Baška Voda will make your stay even more beautiful. Apart from top hotels and camps, you can spend quality holidays in family homes that exude with warmth and a pleasant atmosphere. The content of the place is extremely rich. Everyone can find something for themselves. There is something for young and old people, for adults and kids.

All sports and recreational fans can enjoy football, handball, tennis, bowling, volleyball, cycling, hiking, windsurfing, sea-going and many other activities. There is also a diving school for all those who want to explore the sea bottom of this beautiful place with professional guides and divers.

For those who prefer a vacation without activity requiring too much energy, there are numerous trails for easy walks and enjoyment in the sounds of the sea and the singing of crickets. There are also the children's playgrounds with various amenities to cheer up every kid.

Gastronomic offer of Baška Voda is also extremely rich, so it is really difficult to decide between the numerous taverns and restaurants in the place. But one thing is for sure - whatever you choose you will not make a mistake.

During the summer months, „Baškovoško lito“ (Summer of Baška Voda) has been held in the town, with a various program where you can enjoy the musical performances of famous performers, performance of Baška Voda Municipal Brass Band, folklore dances, dance marathons, fishermen evenings and other contents of this attractive event.

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