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Beauty and charm of Bale, beautiful streets, smells of the sea and Mediterranean vegetation, as well as beautiful sunsets, definitely everybody needs to experience. It's hard to even decide where to start a story about this specific place. We will first mention the fascinating meadows filled with flowers and butterflies that you may not see anywhere else in the world. This is a place where you can see 390 sorts of butterflies, and for this reason, the municipality of Bale is often called as a "butterfly municipality".

Also, one of the beauties of Bale is its untouched coastline, which will definitely impress you. If you are a camping fan, you can spend a great vacation in the Mon Perin campsites. And all those who prefer hotels and apartments will be able to opt for one of the many different accommodations.

The place is full of sights and archaeological sites, so it is certainly worth visiting the local church, the Soardo-Bembo palace, the town's lodge, parts of Roman villas, the remains of old roads ...

Many people visit Bale to see paleontological and ornithological exhibits at the Ulika Multimedia Center. Once upon a time, this was an ordinary, neglected space, and today it is the place of top exhibitions, among which the traditional exhibition "Castrum Vallis" is emphasized.

For Bale, we can say that they are the treasury of autochthonous olive trees and top quality wines and cheeses, so as the best souvenir from this small town take home some of the indigenous products.

Bale also has the most beautiful sports hall in the world. Oh yes, Bale has a hall that won the first prize in the category of sports facilities in Barcelona at the World Architecture Festival in 2008.

Active vacation lovers will love Bale because of numerous walking and cycling trails. You can also enjoy tennis, fishing, riding, sailing…

If you want to visit a place where with no rush, a place of enjoyment, rest and relaxation, come to Bale and enjoy the beautiful scenes and the scents of rosemary, sage, lavender that will relax your soul and body. Feel the silence of the town's streets and enjoy in wonderful green nature and crystal clear sea.

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