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Zagreb's Zoo Birthday
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Zagreb's Zoo Birthday

  • 12.06.2021. - 12.06.2021.
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The Zagreb Zoo was founded in 1925, it was modernized (Modernization I project) from 2014-2016, and you can see everything that marked its history at the photo exhibition on Education Square. At the end of this and the beginning of the next, the implementation of the project "City windows in nature - Modernization II", which is co-financed by the European Structural Funds, continues.

The first anteater born in Zagreb was named Nosonja. It was named after the actors from the legendary series Smogovci, who filmed the series at the location of the ZOO. The cub of the giant anteater has just turned one year old and celebrated its first birthday as part of the 96th birthday of the Zagreb Zoo, and the legendary Smogovci will name it.

The birthday celebration of the Wild Heart of the city has the slogan "5 to 100", the emphasis in the education of visitors is placed on 5 animal species: lynx, wolf, Dalmatian pelican, Dinaric vole and human fish. Thanks to the fact that the only zoo where visitors can see the Dinaric vole and the human fish, the Zagreb Zoo stands out on a global scale. The mentioned animals are also on the visual of the celebration of the 96th birthday of the Zoo.

Birthday cake, various children's, educational workshops, zoo mascots that will join the children on the promenades, concerts and much more await you at the celebratory gathering. Mostly a rich entertainment and educational program.

You can follow the birthday atmosphere among the animals of the Zoo through our webcams.

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