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Zagreb Advent Run

  • 08.12.2019. - 08.12.2019.
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The 4th edition of the Zagreb Advent Run humanitarian race will be held on 08.12. The funniest and most colorful charity race Zagreb Advent Run is attended by 30+ countries, 4500 + participants, 150.000+ kn donations = this is Zagreb Advent Run in numbers. The unique costumed race Zagreb Advent Run is part of the wonderful adventure of Advent in Zagreb and Zagreb's fairytale scene will contribute to the promotion of the city worldwide. The specialty of the Zagreb Advent Run race is that the participants will be dressed in adventurous costumes, which is why Zagreb's center is expected to run at hundreds of Santa Claus, fairies and elves, reindeers and other characters from Christmas stories. Do something good for your health and for others by raising funds for a noble cause and have a great time in the wonderful atmosphere of Zagreb Advent by running right in the center of Zagreb.

The special feature of this race is its humanitarian character. This year's edition of the Zagreb Advent Run is dedicated to educating and promoting the importance of responsible behavior in the sun throughout the seasons. The goal is to encourage citizens / runners to act conscientiously and preventively when it comes to spot checks and year-round skin care. Therefore, part of the race registration will be donated to the Healthy Under the Sun association.

The race start and finish line is at 11am in front of The Westin Zagreb Hotel. You can run at 5 or 10 km or take part in Nordic walking at 5 km within a time limit of 1.30 h.

Take part in the unique Zagreb Advent Run or encourage those who participate! And believe it or not, nowhere you will see this many Christmas characters in one place in the race!

Zagreb Advent Run race is for all runners, no matter what level you're at. We run together, explore new places and make new friends.


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