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Youth Film and Four River Festival
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Youth Film and Four River Festival

  • 08.09.2020. - 12.09.2020.
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The city on 4 rivers, Karlovac, still enjoys the indian summer and various events.

The 25th Youth Film Festival and the 13th Four River Festival will be held in Karlovac from September 8 to 12. Four River Film Festival is a festival dedicated to high school film or, in other words, film made by youth (age group: 14 – 20). 13th Four River Film Festival is going to be held from September 8th to 12th, 2020. With 1.546 applications from all over the world (this year's edition record), 4000 spectators and 200 international guests from all over the world it is one of the top destinations for young filmmakers. The films came from all continents from as many as 99 countries, from Singapore, China, the United States to Bolivia, Uruguay, Mozambique and almost all European countries.

The grand opening of the 25th Youth Film Festival and the 13th Four Fiver Film Festival will be held on Tuesday, September 8 at 8 pm at the Foginovo in Karlovac.

The festival is organised by Cinema Club Karlovac in collaboration with the Croatian Film Association. In addition to numerous great films made by youth (both in the official competition and in the side program), the festival also offers diverse workshops, roundtables, development platforms for youth filmmakers and certainly the best “theatre hall” in the world – namely, each festival night screening takes place at the different open air location at the river shore – there are four festival’s nights and four rivers, so each night is a completely different experience.

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