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Wild League 2018.
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Wild League 2018.

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If you are from southern Croatia then you are well know with this sport N01!

The Wild League is the most famous amateur water polo championship held on Dubrovnik's beaches and bath resorts where all citizens of Dubrovnik can participate, but have never played or recorded in any official water polo match of any age. Although it is the amateur competition is essentially licensed by international licensed judges. It will be 100 years soon from the first record that a match was played in the Dubrovnik bath resorts. They played in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, in the 1970s they played a championship, but since 1983 the tradition has been restored and did not break even in the Homeland War when it was organized in 1992 one revival match.

The amateur water polo 'Fun H20' organizes this year's memorable tournament 'Fanov srca'. Join the 8th humanitarian party Fan's Heart and celebrate the 31st year of the FUN in Mlini on the 4th of August from 5.30pm. As of now, with the traditional torch, the first round of the Wild League will be played, and the host of the FUN H2O who defending champion title will meet with one of the Wild League team at 8.30pm. Then parties, concerts and fireworks are following. The tournament presenting the premier event of sport, fun and Dubrovnik's tradition of water polo, cheerleading and positive atmosphere which delights tourists.

The entire income goes for humanitarian purposes. Come and feel the beating of Fun's Hearts!

You can watch live stream via our webcam and we hope that we will be able to transfer a little bit of a crazy cheerleading atmosphere just as people from Dubrovnik know it!

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