Vukovar  - 30 years after
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Vukovar - 30 years after

  • 18.11.2022. - 18.11.2022.
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This year we are celebrating the 31st anniversary of the destruction of Vukovar.

The commemoration of the Remembering Day of the Victims of Vukovar in 1991 and the break down of Vukovar, given the circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that last year's commemoration was organized in the midst of a pandemic this year will be held under special epidemiological measures.

The traditional event of the central program take place on 18 November.

As in previous years, the parade of remembrance will be led by Croatian defenders of Vukovar and members of the families of killed, missing, killed, forcibly abducted and deceased Croatian defenders. protocol of laying wreaths and Holy Mass. The walk is from the Vukovar hospital to the memorial cemetery.

The commemoration will be also held in other cities in Croatia and around the world. Citizens light candles while praying in the silence tributing to the fallen veterans and civilians, and especially to the victims of Vukovar and Škabrnja. Zagreb traditionally participates in lighting thousands of lanterns along the 5 km long Vukovarska street. Each city has its own Vukovarska Street, which will be illuminated by thousands of lanterns that day.

Vukovar still lives among the citizens of the Republic of Croatia, and every year they remember with reverence the sacrifice that Vukovar made to make Croatia an independent and free state.

The parade of remembrance started under the direction of the City Government of the City of Vukovar and the Association of Veterans of the City of Vukovar, as well as the citizens, back in 1997.



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