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Vukovar  - 27 years after
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Vukovar - 27 years after

  • 18.11.2018.
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On Sunday 18th of November, Vukovar will be the capital of Croatia again, when we will recall the tragedies of this city, its defenders and citizens for the 27th time. This beautiful city on the river banks of the Danube and Vuka will permanently hide beneath its now-renovated façades the mournful scenes, blood and suffering of its inhabitants and defenders.

On that day, Croatian patriots, friends and all those who, with their arrival, want to become the part of Vukovar and magnify the glory of it and all those who have contributed the Homeland War will come to Vukovar. From the General County Hospital to the memorial cemetery of the victims of the Homeland War there will be a parade on Vukovar’s streets, another parade of remembering that each year tens of thousands of people from all over Croatia and the Diaspora comes to Vukovar on this day.

At 5pm there is a "Light River of Remembrance", with traditional lighting on the river Danube and at 6pm candles for Vukovar will be lighted in each Croatian city.

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