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Virtual Carnevals

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According to tradition, most of the carnival events, especially on the coast, begins on St. Anthony's day, January 17, and lasts until Ash Wednesday, February 26, when the carnival doll is ritually burned announcing the ending of winter period and welcoming spring.


The most famous of all Croatian carnivals is the Rijeka Carnival, which is one of the 500 best European events.

The sound of Anton's horn will mark the beginning of the Rijeka Carnival on January 17, which will be held in abbreviated form this year, respecting epidemiological measures due to the epidemiological situation of Covid and the victims of the earthquake. The official handover of the key to the City will symbolically mark and begin the carnival fifth season.

If the epidemic does not calm down enough by mid-February, what is certain is that the 3 carnival groups, with which it all began 38 years ago, will make a detour along the Korzo, chasing away not only winter but also all the bad things that happened to us last year brought. The 38th International Carnival Parade of the Rijeka Carnival 2021 will be held symbolically on the last Sunday of the carnival period - February 14. At the end of the procession on Rijeka's Riva, the end of the carnival in Rijeka will be marked by the unique lighting of the carnival at sea.


With the desire for carnival fans to gather and socialize this year as well, and to preserve the rich carnival tradition, in 2021 Crikvenica will completely move carnival into the virtual world.

Adapted to challenging times, patient, discreet and much calmer than usual, this year's carnival will be a lasting e-reminder of days gone by, filled with hours of laughter and socializing. In 2021, the carnival team will hang out on social media and channels. In a safe virtual environment, a prominent place will have a cute cat, a symbol of Crikvenica carnival, who will be a health professional this year.

The main traditional events will be held in the center of Crikvenica in compliance with the prescribed epidemiological measures (above all, without gathering spectators), recorded and shown online. On January 9, a carnival flag was raised in the center of Crikvenica and the symbolic rule of carnival in the virtual world began. This year's carnival, the culprit for all evil in 2020, will be reported in the city center and will be burned and launched on February 17.

This year, a special role will be played by a carnival time machine, memories and recollections of carnival days, an exhibition of old photographs, various interesting facts and short video clips, virtual workshops. Virtual and safe.


Samobor Carnival is one of the oldest carnival festivities in Croatia and one of the largest tourist events in the continental part of Croatia when traditional carnival characters Prince Carnival, Princess Sraka, Sudec and Fiškal take over the keys of the city and proclaim a Free Carnival Republic.

For this year's 195th Samobor Carnival - under the slogan "Online is also OK" you will find numerous online carnival programs, exhibitions of children's works, online mask workshops, but also the most famous Samobor carnival delicacies - donuts, plays, prize games. In order to maintain the carnival spirit, the city will be specially decorated this year as well, and the new decorations will also be a kind of exhibition of the last few carnivals.

 Let's remember how it was during good times!





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