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Vir Triathlon
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Vir Triathlon

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A true Indian summer invites you this weekend to stay outdoors. And if it is along the coast and by the sea and with a dose of adrenaline, then the ideal destination this weekend is Vir where the 4th Vir Triathlon will be held.

On Saturday and Sunday, the island of Vir will be a sports ground for the best Croatian triathletes at the Croatian Olympic Triathlon Championships, as well as competing in the supersprint triathlon, aquatlon and street race for 5km citizens.

Jadro Beach, a promenade from Jadro to Prezida and the Cycling Trail in Vir are locationas of VirTriathlon. In addition to the open character of competitions for triathletes from foreign countries, this year's Vir Triathlon will also be organized as an individual Croatian Men's and Women's Championship in Olympic triathlon discipline.

The two-day program of the 4th Vir Triathlon begins on Saturday, October 19 at 4 pm with the raising of the starting numbers for A and B aquatlon competitors. The first aquatlon start is at 5 pm and the second is 20 minutes later. The announcement of the winner will begin at 5:50 pm, followed by the lifting of the starting numbers for the Olympic triathlon, the supersprint triathlon and the street race from 6pm to 8pm. The official opening of the competition is at 8 pm.

Sunday program begins at 9:30 am with the start of the super-print triathlon (individual and relay competition), while the start of the men's Olympic triathlon is at 10am. The women in the Olympic triathlon start the competition 10 minutes later, and a 12-kilometer street race is scheduled to start at noon.

The awards, cups and medals in the Olympic, supersprint and relay triathlons and for the street race start at 2 pm, followed by the traditional Vir's pasta party and fun.

This is all the reasons for spending weekend with coffee and having fun at the Vir waterfront in the company of the best Croatian triathletes.

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