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Tkon scraping - the largest trekking and trail in the country
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Tkon scraping - the largest trekking and trail in the country

  • 02.03.2024. - 02.03.2024.
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In recent years, Croatia has been organizing more and more international sporting events in all sizes and shapes. Among the many is the largest trekking and trail in the country on March 2nd - Scraping in Tkon on the island of Pašman.

The first Scraping was held in 2006, with weak but enthusiastic local organizers, bringing together 182 participants, competitors enthusiastic about the special track, expanded their voice so that the event grew to 1,350 runners, the upper limit for the number of possible participants due to organizational possibilities.

'Scrapa' is a rock or cliff by the sea. In other words, you're not just running, you're walking, running, jumping over cliffs, climbing up and down, all along the picturesque coast of the island of Pašman. Scraping on the island of Pašman has become the brand, the most important manifestation. An ideal combination of sport, culture and healthy lifestyle for all ages, although it belongs to the kind of extreme sports. Hospitality of local people, natural and cultural beauty of the island and volunteers guarantee the success of products made on sharp island rocks - scrap.

Competitors at the start of the race get map of the island showing the checkpoints that must go as soon as possible. The race is divided into three categories: Marathon (Ultra-trail) of approximately 45 km, Challenger of approximately 25 km, Active of approximately 12 km and the Light-Jogging (Family) of approximately 6 km. During the race competitors pass control points, despite the attractive locations of the island of Pašman, and Škraping except sports and tourism takes on the character in terms of learning the content of the island and the Croatian tourism promotion as a destination for an active vacation. So during the scraping you can enjoy the unique view of the Kornati Archipelago and the crystal clear sea at a fresh air. Every year this event has a lot of media coverage. Visitors and athletes come from neighboring and other European countries and thus indirectly promote the island and Croatia.

As part of Scraping also hosts The Fair of island products. The aim of the Fair is to encourage the development of island production, preservation of the island's tradition and autochthony, the encouragement for self-employment of the island population and their staying on the island and product branding through the prestigious "Croatian island product" label.

Scraping has made the island of Pašman a window into the world and a way for the island to connect with the world.

We are providing You live streaming where you can experience a part of this sporty atmosphere, the sporty spirit and above all the positive vibe.


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