The Spring Festival in Zagreb's ZOO
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The Spring Festival in Zagreb's ZOO

  • 20.03.2021. - 11.04.2021.
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The Spring Festival in the Wild Heart of the City is a new manifestation of the Zagreb Zoo, which connects the awakening of nature, primarily the animal world, with Easter customs, and lasts from March 20 to April 11.

The zoo is once again becoming an outdoor exhibition space. Along with renowned artists and creatives, everyone who wanted to took the brush in their hands, Zagreb firefighters, artists, students and everyone with a creative "vibe" painted eggs that will adorn the Zagreb ZOO on the occasion of the Spring Festival. Large Easter eggs are on display at Education Square.

On weekends, visitors can take part in tours of the Garden, during which educators will talk about ornithology (a small school of ornithology) and cubs in the animal world.

The youngest visitors will be entertained by fun games: Hungry as a rabbit !, What a father, such a son, Coward, Everyone in the flock, Frog life and Hardworking bee, and on Easter Monday there will be a traditional event Zekanje in the Zoo.

Our webcams will introduce you to a great atmosphere, enough to make you want to spend a spring weekend at the Spring Festival in the Wild Heart of the city.


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