The Spring Festival in Zagreb's ZOO
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The Spring Festival in Zagreb's ZOO

  • 09.04.2022. - 20.04.2022.
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The Spring Festival in the Wild Heart of the City is a new manifestation of the Zagreb Zoo, which connects the awakening of nature, primarily the animal world, with Easter customs, and lasts from 9th to 24th of April.

The festival brings visitors a lavish fireworks display of flora and fauna. Shrubs and trees were leafed through, flowers shone in a rich palette of colors, and the promenades and squares of the Garden were additionally decorated with Easter motifs. Animals in outdoor shelters enjoy the warm rays of the spring sun.

One of the places that children now visit with special joy, is the Children's Zoo, which you can watch through our camera. There I can closely observe rabbits and dwarf goats, sheep and pigs.

See fashion trends at the Spring Games fashion show by KFWeekend or join creative workshops.

The central event of the Spring Festival in the Wild Heart of the city is the traditional Bunny at the Zoo, which takes place on Easter Monday.

Our webcams will introduce you to a great atmosphere, enough to make you want to spend a spring weekend at the Spring Festival in the Wild Heart of the city.


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