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The Noon New Year in Fužine
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The Noon New Year in Fužine

  • 31.12.2023. - 31.12.2023.
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The Noon New Year’s in Fužine was first organized in 2000 at the turn of the millennium and developed into a recognizable tourist brand of Fužine, which has been visited by 8000-12.000 people in recent years. Under the open sky in the center of Fužine, at noon, we say goodbye to old traditions and we are welcoming the new ones with the joyful crowd gathering at this place since the early morning hours.

So on this 31st of December, at noon all residents of Fužine and their numerous visitors will be welcomed with a new 2024 year with a real greeting, fireworks, sausages, boiled wine, homemade desserts and numerous other specialties. The already traditional Torchlight Walk along the Bajer Swan Lake to the Vrelo Cave will take place on December 30. The participants will gather at the Čoka beach bar, where they will warm up with a campfire, accordion music, guitars and drums, and mulled wine or hot tea. The walk will culminate in a tour of the Vrelo cave, an underground beauty that is the only touristic cave in Europe that can be visited by all generations.

The most original countdown at noon, with the performances of the Vigor and Insula groups, will be followed by a shot from the copper City Guard cannon and the announcement of Santa Claus from Lapland via video link, while the gus from Opatija will bravely dive into Lake Bajer.

This traditional event can be followed through our webcams.

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