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The flower festival in Crikvenica
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The flower festival in Crikvenica

  • 31.05.2023. - 03.06.2023.
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The Flower Festival is an event dedicated to presenting and selling flowers that first took place in Crikvenica in 2009. During the festival, the town centre is filled with stands of numerous exhibitors from all over Croatia offering various types of flowers, seedlings, garden accessories and decorative pottery. Visitors can also obtain expert advice on interior and exterior design, or learn how to grow, take care of and protect plants.

The Flower Festival is open from May 31st to June 3rd.

Spring spirit in the lungs of the center of Crikvenica, Stjepan Radić's Perivoj welcomes the season in a new and refreshed outfit.

After last year's tree pruning work, which was necessary due to the excessively large and neglected laurel crowns and which caused the lawn and ground vegetation to stagnate, this spring they started refining the space.

In the last few weeks, comprehensive landscaping works have been underway, including the installation of a new automatic watering system, the restoration of paths in the scree and the revitalization of the lawn. The existing supply pipes will be replaced with new ones and new sprinklers will be installed, which will contribute to more efficient irrigation of green areas. The soil will also be refined and enriched with diverse green groups of shrubs and ground cover that will decorate the ground part under the trees, all with the aim of raising the ambient and landscape value of the peri-military coastal belt of the city of Crikvenica.

 Enjoying the smell of flowers, you can take a break in the newly refreshed Perivoj.

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