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The Courtyards in Zagreb
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The Courtyards in Zagreb

  • 12.07.2023. - 23.07.2023.
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Zagreb has a growing reputation as a city break destination that promotes itself by highlighting the most important events in the city and the specific types of tourism.

With the Summer Campaignes Summer on Stross and Baš Naš Festival which promotes Zagreb as a city of culture, accessible and entertaining, summer living on open streets, terraces, lakes and parks with open air 'festivals of different genres, picnics and exhibitions,  The Courtyards are just one of the many events that take place during the summer on the hot asphalt of Zagreb.

The Courtyards provides the best entertainment and countless unforgettable experiences during the summer nights on the Upper Town within the beautiful exquisite palaces and each year add some new romantic location and it's up to you to explore them all. 12 unforgettable days are waiting for you at 6 selected locations.

Ambiences, socializing, discovery, delicious snacks and refreshing sips, as many as 60 music programs - or 5 every night... From the Faculty of Law in Ćirilometodska to the Observatory at the top of Opatička, the message is simple: Come to Gornji grad - Get hooked on Dvorište!


Each courtyard has its own story – is the main slogan of this cool event with soul!

During the 12 unforgettable days (12 - 23 of July), The Courtyards visitors have a unique opportunity to peek behind the façades of some of the most beautiful Upper Town palaces and experience the magical ambience of these unique Upper Town areas, discover some of the most beautiful private and public gardens and courtyards.

The Courtyards will tell stories about Zagreb that you have not yet experienced!

You can expect a lot of good urban entertainment, you can refresh yourself with delicious snacks and refreshing sips and have fun with top-class musicians and live jazz and classical performances.

The The Courtyards with the well-known old locations. They also bring two locations premiered in 2019 as part of the People's House of HAZU. And these are the upper, representative courtyard on Opatička (Opatička 18) and the lower, hidden and special one, overlooking Radićeva Street (Dvoranski prečac 1). The courtyard of the Observatory in Popovo Tornje (at the top of Opatička Street), the Archaeological Garden, i.e. the northern courtyard of the Museum of the City of Zagreb (with an entrance from the courtyard of the Observatory) and the courtyard of the Erdödy-Keglević Palace at Ćirilometodska 4 are locations from the last year. 

And the attractiveness of this project and its success are also mentioned by two prestigious awards already received after the first year of the project for the most creative and most innovative project in Croatian tourism.

What are you waiting for – get hooked on the The Courtyards!

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