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Summer in Varaždin
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Summer in Varaždin

  • 03.06.2021. - 14.08.2021.
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A long and warm summer during which the people of Varaždin and its guests will be able to enjoy a variety of programs at various well-known and perhaps a little less well-known locations in the city, united in the already traditional event Summer in Varaždin.

Festivals, theater productions, various museum exhibits and many other events are woven into the historical fabric of Varaždin. Summer in Varaždin is always refreshing with the richness and quality of content.

A rich program (100 different programs) of the Summer in Varaždin will take place in several locations throughout the city center. Concerts, plays, stand-up comedians, dance evenings, DJs, exhibitions, Varaždin Yards Festival, Biergarten and many other events will fill the days with interesting and entertaining content until August 14, when the program officially ends to give Varaždin a short break before this year's Špancirfest, which will be held from 20 to 29 August.

The programs will be held at five main and a number of ancillary locations. Comparative summer programs, such as the Varaždin Yards Festival, Laughter Week, Narrow Street Day, Biergarten, Fontana Blues Festival and other attractions will fill many other locations in the center of Varaždin.

The list of concert events is long and varied, and they will play and sing at almost all locations of the Summer in Varaždin. Enjoying theatrical performances under the open sky is a special experience. In the cultural offer of Varaždin, theatrical art stands out, so this summer there will be no shortage of pleasures for theater fans.

Hladoveena is a diverse and eclectic combination of music, dancing, watching matches and relaxed socializing with occasional games. In addition to music and entertainment, theatrical performances will take place in the shade of Hladoveena, book presentations will be held, and the cool creative atmosphere of the location is in itself a sufficient recommendation.

Summer festivals such as Narrow Streets Day, Varaždin Yards Festival, Carriage Day, Treasure hunt, Drava jump, Biergarten in the park, Fontana blues festival, fulfilling the days of Varaždin summer.

Long, warm, exciting and diverse and never more luxurious Summer in Varaždin is ahead of you. Come and check it out!


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