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Summer in Labin
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Summer in Labin

  • 02.07.2019. - 10.09.2019.
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Magical Istria is full of interesting events throughout the year and in Labin and its surroundings you can choose between numerous sports, cultural and educational events. Meet Labin with your own experience of visiting the most important events and festivals. Experience the most beautiful moments of your holiday in Labin and try something completely different. Create unforgettable memories that you will always carry with you, happy to remember them and recite to your loved ones. Choose a Labin event that best suits your wishes.

Since 1987. Labin has been continuously organizing a cultural event called the Classic Summer 2019. Attentive selection of concerts and acclaimed local and foreign artists in a particularly acoustic sacral space, the wonderful ambience of the table Labin's church. The musical achievements of domestic and foreign authors will be presented. Thus, by combining sacral architecture and music, a unique experience and a time-span atmosphere are created.

Meet the original folklore of Labin and have fun with local songs and dances on the traditional amateur folklore event Labinski konti, which for more than half a century represents the folklore tradition of the Labin region. Concerts of songs, dance and traditional folk music.

A documentary film festival Shpeena DOX'19 is the right summer refreshment for all the fans of documentary films. With its fifth edition, this year's festival also brings some of the best contemporary and international documentaries in which you can enjoy under the starry sky in the heart of the old town on Plateau (Špina).

Pleasure for the selected ones and for those who want to feel that way! The Labin Jazz Festival is a "festival within the festival", part of the two-month Labin Art Republic Festival.

Do you believe Baroque palace hides in the mine in it? Do you know who invented the speedometer? Do you know that the closest associate of Protestant reformer Martina Luther was from Labin? Answers to these questions can be found in a free sightseeing of the old town of Labin every Tuesday after sunset. Because of its quality, preservation of cultural heritage and interesting, this tour is the bearer of the Croatian national award Simply the Best.

Walking through the narrow alleys and picturesque squares surrounded by noble palaces, discover the burning history of medieval Labin. With guides dressed in the dress godess of  of Sentona, the traveller patron, find out who the Liburnians were and how the Labin's battle ended, while your guide dressed in a mining uniform, proudly tell you about the famous Labin Republic and rebellion of Labin miners.

Visit Labin, which offers a lot of events throughout the summer.

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