Summer Carnival in Pag
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Summer Carnival in Pag

  • 30.07.2021. - 31.07.2021.
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A traditional Pag’s carnival is held twice a year - in winter and summer, with the winter version already in existence for more than 80 years and the summer is held for more than six decades, since 1959, which makes the summer carnival on Pag the oldest such carnival at Adriatic.

While the winter carnival is mostly intended for the local population, the summer is also visited by many foreign visitors visiting island of Pag, so July 26th and 27th will delight all visitors and residents of the city of Pag.

Previous years in normal circumstances, it all starts with a festive procession and ends with the burning of the carnival doll Marko at the town square and awarding the best mask. In the meantime, everyone is happy dancing Pag’s specific traditional dance with the accompaniment of the city's limestone music, the performances of numerous folklore groups, children choirs and evening concerts by famous performers. The highlight of this year's summer carnival is a great carnival parade.

This year, although a good epidemiological picture has been achieved in the city of Pag, it was decided to mark this year's Pag Summer Carnival in a way that continues the long tradition, but to take special care of the safety of citizens and guests currently in the city. Pag with the aim of maintaining the most stable epidemiological situation and extending the tourist season for as long as possible. A carnival trip was organized on the ship Elizabeth under epidemiological measures.

Pag Carnival is one of the central events that promotes Pag as a destination and a city with long tradition, rich cultural heritage and old customs. We hope that next year we will see pictures of the full Pag square where the famous dance will be held.


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