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StrudelFest in Karlovac County

  • 04.09.2020. - 13.09.2020.
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StrudelFest was created as a logical sequence after the event "From Jaškovo to the world… strudel for Guinness" when the longest strudel in the world was made in Jaškovo near Ozalj in the green heart of Croatia in Karlovac County, on September 6, 2015 and set a Guinness record of 1479.38 m.

This year, due to the corona virus pandemic and epidemiological measures, StrudelFest will be held according to a different concept, but there will be no less entertaining gastronomic and cultural content. Restaurants throughout Karlovac County are preparing a great offer of strudels from 4 to 13 September at promotional prices. Try different flavors of delicious strudels in Jaškovo - the village of strudels. Along with strudels, there will be also prepared a number of workshops - art, gastro, bike route research. And on September 5, the unique Nikola Faller will make a giant straw bicycle in Jaškovo, which will serve as a top photo for social networks.

The city of Ozalj will be the center of cultural events with an exhibition and a concert, and the Karlovac Aquatika freshwater aquarium is preparing a special offer for its visitors during the Strudel Fest. StrudelFest picnic delighted the visitors of last year's strudel festival, so this year special packages of picnic baskets have been prepared with which you can set out to explore Jaškovo and the fairytale Ozalj region.

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