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St. Andrew’s Day on Unije
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St. Andrew’s Day on Unije

  • 15.11.2019. - 23.11.2019.
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Unije is the largest island among all the islands surrounding Lošinj.

Celebrating St. Andrew's Day, the patron saint of Unije island, has traditionally held one of the most striking festivities in the Lošinj archipelago, a competition in calamari hunting. Each year, a decision is made just before the scheduled date to evaluate the weather. This year, the next two weekends are set for the competition date. The competition would be held on November 16, and in the event of a delay, it will move to the next weekend, November 23. The event is divided into 2 days. On the first day, cultural and gastronomic events are organized on Friday (exhibition, culinary event and evening darts tournament with plying accordion), while Saturday is scheduled for calamari hunting starting at noon, followed by weigh-ins, an awards ceremony and then a folk festival that often lasts until late at night and brings together sometimes more than 200 people, locals and weekenders, as well as guests and journalists.



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