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Split Carneval
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Split Carneval

  • 23.02.2019. - 05.03.2019.
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Split Carnival is a completely different carnival than all you've been to. Part because Split carneval was one of the oldest in the world and partly because of the Carnival dances that were organized throughout the city unlike other cities where the emphasis was on the parades. Split Carneval with it's disparity was compared with that in Nice.

Consequently, today's Split Carnival continues its tradition and counts 24 different events in 11 days where you can choose your favorite dance, music and mask and find people who love exactly what you love the most. Split Carnival is a carnival of love. From the unfortunate love of Marko Marulić, who has described in detail the cheerful dances and their love jade, to date, where love and scams are present on Split Carneval. Thus, the Split Carneval are led by Meštar and Meštrovica and Krnje try to destruct their idyll. Whether Krnja will succeed or will be condemned for incapacity and burned, it depends on the Grand Judge and the people.

This year's Split Carneval will deal more with Split problems and less with tourist problems.

The handing over of the key to the city began with the carnival Wedding - a traditional occasional play that already detects some of the problems that optimistic carneval people inherit from the city in its rule and only have ten days to recognize the real Krnje that will be revealed on a Mardi gras which is the peak of the carnival.

Choose your own mask and dance that suits you best and have fun these days in Split! This year's carnival program has been transferred on 4 locations in the city and four concerts in four days for each generation and type of music a bit, from rock to salsa.





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