Špancirfest in Varaždin
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Špancirfest in Varaždin

  • 23.08.2019. - 01.09.2019.
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A festival of good emotions that at the end of August every year turns the historic center of Varaždin into a center of fun, laughter, pleasure and - good emotions.

the first street festival in Croatia, and today is one of the most visited national festivals. Špancirfest lives and breathes in Varaždin’s streets and squares, and the street program is still a solid link to today's festival with its roots. Apart from the historical core of Varaždin, whose facades, roofs, towers, streets, squares and parks create an irreplaceable scene, the program of the festival takes place in some streets that have their own special program. The whole pedestrian zone of the city, its streets, squares and parks will turn into a large open-air stage.

In period from 23rd of August until 1st of September with 80 street performances, over 30 concerts and about 70 music programs by DJs and Street Heroes, 6 performances, 4 official stages and over a 100 different exhibitors from all over Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary, this Špancirfest will be one of the most diverse so far. This year's novelty is the first humanoid robot in Croatia and festival visitors will be among the first to have a chance to get along with it. He is very similar to a human, moves like a human, sings, dances, speaks, and can be hugged. With the robot there is also virtual reality, so visitors will have the opportunity to feel virtual reality thanks to the special glasses. A multimedia dome will be erected on Kapucinski Square, which will be a sort of starting point for space flight thanks to 3D technology and 360-degree technology. This will allow visitors to fly out into space during a 12-minute screening.

Another novelty are two giant five-meter installations, which will be dedicated to a butterfly and fairy cavalry. In addition, it is important to mention the unique Špancir’s handmade sneakers, which will be available at the festival.

Varaždin during Špancirfest offers an unbeatable spirit of connection between the festival, the city, and thousands of visitors who every day enjoy in this unique festival and return from year to year.

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