Špancirfest in Varaždin
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Špancirfest in Varaždin

  • 20.08.2021. - 29.08.2021.
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In order to see off the summer in style, after a one-year break, Špancirfest will be held in the 23rd edition, from 20 to 29 August 2021, in compliance with epidemiological measures, on more than 35,000 m2 of the old town.

Špancirfest, a cultural and tourist symbol of Varaždin, is the most popular festival in Croatia. It is the first street festival in Croatia and today it is one of the most visited national festival events. The beautiful historical core of Varaždin will once again turn into a big stage full of concerts, plays, street performers, fine and fragrant things, but also works by great designers and artists and products of numerous exhibitors. Špancirfest lives and breathes in Varaždin’s streets and squares, and the street program is still a solid link to today's festival with its roots. Apart from the historical core of Varaždin, whose facades, roofs, towers, streets, squares and parks create an irreplaceable scene, the program of the festival takes place in some streets that have their own special program. The whole pedestrian zone of the city, its streets, squares and parks will turn into a large open-air stage.

Špancirfest is held under the open sky so you can enjoy everything the festival has to offer with the lowest possible level of restrictions conditioned by epidemiological measures. With minimal restrictions and maximum personal responsibility, Špancirfest will bring back the good emotions of the festival gathering.

Varaždin during Špancirfest offers an unbeatable spirit of connection between the festival, the city, and thousands of visitors who every day enjoy in this unique festival and return from year to year.

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