Sole days in Istria
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Sole days in Istria

  • 12.10.2018. - 18.10.2018.
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Repeatedly, north-western Istria captivates guests with its intoxicating tastes and scents, hidden places and events. Over the years, Sole Days became one of the symbols of northwestern Istria. This year it will be held in periodfrom 12. - 18. October.

This has been confirmed by numerous visitors who return to Istrian soles in Autumn. Take the opportunity of trying the wide range of dishes based on sole. This high quality white fish is locally called "švoj", hence the name of the event. This year as many as 9 recognized restaurants and taverns offered their menus - a certain sign that soles are one of the most popular foods from the blue Adriatic. The sole has thus become an inspiration, encouraging cooks to try out new creations and combinations. Chefs reach for the stars and let their imagination run wild, raising the gastronomic experience to new levels - all in the name of this noble fish, characteristic of the north-western part of the Istrian peninsula. The sole shines in all its glory, bringing a new dimension to the intricate weave of Istrian culinary.

The Sole Fish Days takes place in the many restaurants and wine cellars of Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla. Here you will find course meals based on sole, served with quality wine and olive oil from the region. Visit northwestern Istria and Sole days and enjoy all the delicacies based on this fish with a glass of good wines from top Istrian winemakers.

A list of restaurants and more information can be found at:

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