Snow Queen Trophy 2019.
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Snow Queen Trophy 2019.

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The first weekend in the New year brings to all lovers of top skiing two days full of adrenaline and good fun.

The 2019. the best skiiers will traditionally start at Zagreb's Sljeme. For the 13th time in a row Sljeme will host the female and 10th men's race of the Audi FIS World Cup "Snow Queen Trophy" which will be held on January 5th and 6th.

As in previous years, the slalom race will bring together 150 world skiers and more than 400 crew members from around 28 countries from 5 continents. And this time too, thousands of fans are expected to create a recognizable atmosphere on both racing days with the joint forces. The top Snow Queen Trophy race and the glorious Sljeme's atmosphere, ranked Zagreb among the world's most prestigious ski resorts such as Val Gardena, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Kitzbühel, Wengen and Val d'Isere and the slalom races were included in the "Club 5+ Ski Classics" , the club of the best traditional organizers of the World Cup race. Additionally, the International Ski Federation included this race in the calendar until 2021, thus confirming this great trust in the Croatian Ski Federation.

You we will be able to see 7 Croatian representatives, 6 men skiers and 1 woman skier and viewers at the end of the track will be able to greet the best Croatian skier of all times and mentor Ivica Kostelić who will introduce viewers with the camera to both races.

The day before every race, from 6 – 7pm , at the "Ice Park" ice rink will be held the public drawing of the starting numbers for the women's and men's races. The top 15 skiers and skiers, in the presence of many ski lovers, will be skating to their numbers. Attractive footage from one of the most frequented Zagreb Advent locations will be broadcast in the race live streaming , which will contribute to a further promotion of the Zagreb Advent around the world.

For the 13th time the images from Zagreb and from Sljeme will also visit all continents and reach more than 300 million people around the world. The Sljeme race has been one of the biggest spectacle in the World Cup races for years!

Only a few people do not know about the Snow Queen and the Snow King and this glorious world ski race. And for this minority, here are some basic information.

Snow Queen

The name for the women's slalom race of the World Ski Cup. It has been held at Zagreb's Sljeme since 2005. The original name of the race is the Golden Bear, which has been renamed in honor to Janica Kostelić. Because of her sport success, this race was awarded to the organization of Croatia and Zagreb. Skiing on the Red track and the trophy which goes to the winner is the crystal crown by the mantle and seats for the throne as queen. Janica Kostelic had the best race in her life at the Snow Queen 2006., winning the 3rd place. She is the first and for the time the only Croat who won the World Cup skiing medal.

Snow king

The name for the men's slalom race of the World Ski Cup. The race has been held in Sljeme since 2008 and the skiing is also on Red track. Ivica Kostelić has reached the second place for three times, 2008, 2009, and 2011.

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