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Snow Queen Trophy

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There are a few days left until the new edition of the Snow Queen Trophy 2021 World Ski Cup race on Sljeme.

The FIS international ski federation and National Civil Protection Authority have officially approved the 2021 Snow Queen Trophy, FIS World Cup Ski race on Mount Sljeme in compliance with the most stringent epidemiological measures and without any spectators. In accordance with current anti-COVID measures in Croatia, the Sljeme race will be held on 3 and 6 January without spectators and guests and according to FIS rules for this season, there will not be any public draw of starting numbers that were traditionally held in Zagreb’s main square.

This is the 15th edition of the Women’s Slalom race with the winner being proclaimed as the Snow Queen. The Women’s Slalom race is scheduled for Sunday 3 January 2021 with the 1st run starting at 12.30 pm and the 2nd run starting at 4 pm. The 12th Men’s Slalom on Sljeme will start at 12.15 on Wednesday 6 January and the second run will start at 3.30 pm.

You we will be able to see 8 Croatian representatives, 5 men skiers (Istok Rodeš, Matej Vidović, Filip Zubčić, Samuel Kolega and Leon Nikić) and 3 woman skiers ( Leona Popović, Ida Štimac and Zrinka Ljutić).

The Red downhill is fully ready for the race. Timely snowfall, which started this year in early October, as well as temperature minuses and snow, enabled quality preparation of the ski slope, and it received the green light.

For years, Sljeme race have recorded one of the highest ratings among the FIS Ski World Cup races, and in 2020 the women's Sljeme race is the most watched of all FIS World Cup races in terms of live TV viewing, while the men's race was the 4th most watched.

Every year, both slaloms are broadcast live by renowned TV stations in more than 20 countries, while recordings, news and reports travel to about 50 other countries around the world. Thus, the image from Sljeme will once again travel the world and promote Zagreb as a destination, and Croatian sports and athletes globally, contributing to the already powerful sports brand of the Republic of Croatia.

The first ride on the new Sljeme cable car should be on this year's Snow Queen and take the best skiers in the world to the top. It would be a great honor, and at the same time a great promotion of another attraction in Zagreb.

Only a few people do not know about the Snow Queen and the Snow King and this glorious world ski race. And for this minority, here are some basic information.

Snow Queen

The name for the women's slalom race of the World Ski Cup. It has been held at Zagreb's Sljeme since 2005. The original name of the race is the Golden Bear, which has been renamed in honor to Janica Kostelić. Because of her sport success, this race was awarded to the organization of Croatia and Zagreb. Skiing on the Red track and the trophy which goes to the winner is the crystal crown by the mantle and seats for the throne as queen. Janica Kostelic had the best race in her life at the Snow Queen 2006., winning the 3rd place. She is the first and for the time the only Croat who won the World Cup skiing medal.

Snow king

The name for the men's slalom race of the World Ski Cup. The race has been held in Sljeme since 2008 and the skiing is also on Red track. Ivica Kostelić has reached the second place for three times, 2008, 2009, and 2011.



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