Sand Festival in Nin
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Sand Festival in Nin

  • 16.08.2020. - 17.08.2020.
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Apart from the famous cultural and historical heritage, the town of Nin - the oldest Croatian royal town, EDEN destination, is rich in natural resources, among which stand out long natural sandy beaches. 

Prodorica and Bilotinjak beaches are equally attractive, and the only beach with a blue flag in the area of the City of Nin is in the Zaton camp. Connected by a canal to the Queen's Beach, also enchanting, Ždrijac beach is known for its organized schools for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The Nin beaches together are 8 km long, and in the entire surroundings of the Nin Riviera as much as 30 km.

Today and tomorrow on all Nin beaches is held the 6th Sand Festival, a competition in making sand sculptures, organized by the Tourist Board of the city of Nin. The festival is organized for guests of the city of Nin who regularly visit the beaches of Nin. Every year, the festival magically attracts a large number of visitors and competitors - lovers of beautiful Nin beaches, where the abundance of sand provides inspiration on the theme of sand sculptures. Due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the Festival will be held in a slightly different way, namely applications, evaluation and submission of works all go exclusively online. You can apply online via email or via messenger on the Facebook page Visit Nin. When registering, it is important to provide the location of the beach and a description of the part of the beach where you do your installation in the sand. The evaluation will be held virtually and the winners will be announced on the Facebook page Visit Nin and the media that follow the activities of the Tourist Board of the City of Nin.

On one of the Nin beaches, go back to your childhood, dive your hands deep into the quality Nin sand and indulge your imagination. The performer of the best sand sculpture will receive a personalized award.



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