Saint Domnius and Day of the city of Split
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Saint Domnius and Day of the city of Split

  • 28.04.2020. - 07.05.2020.
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The centuries-old traditional feast of Saint Domnius, dedicated to Saint Domnius, the Bishop of Salonica, who lived during the time of Emperor Diocletian when he was executed, will not have a traditional procession and Eucharistic celebration on the waterfront of Split this year due to the special circumstances we are currently in.

St. Domnius is the most valuable tradition in Split, the notion of faith in the city that chose him as his patron saint and placed his bones in the capital, one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. The event also marks the Day of the city of Split. Each year, the feast begins with a traditional procession from St. Domnius Cathedral, which begins in the morning and flows through the city, ending at the promenade of Riva, where in the evening there is a traditional concert and the evening ends with a magnificent fireworks that paint the sky and leave no one indifferent.

This year, we will be watching the mass from the capital of Split on May 7th through national and local televisions, as well as social networks. And what will particularly delight the citizens of Split is that on the feast itself, after 15 years, the bell from the bell tower of St. Domnius will be heard again.

Otherwise, the gorgeous Split celebration that is not to be missed, this year will be very modest in our homes and all we have to do is to remember the celebration of the past years and hope that it will be even bigger and more luxurious and will surpass all previous ones. And what we can be sure is that Saint Domnius will protect us all.

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