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Rowing spectacle at Jarun
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Rowing spectacle at Jarun

  • 07.05.2022. - 08.05.2022.
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During this weekend, May 7 and 8, a traditional rowing spectacle awaits us, the national rowing championship for seniors and veterans, organized by the Croatian Rowing Federation in cooperation with the Zagreb Rowing Federation.

A total of 448 registered rowers from 19 clubs guarantee that an exciting weekend on Lake Jarun awaits us. Pre-competitions in disciplines with more than 7 registered crews are held on Saturday, and A and B finals are held on Sunday from 9 am to 12.15 pm.

Beside the Croatian Golden Olympians, the Sinković brothers, David Šain, the winner of the silver medal in London in 2012, will also compete. Jurković and the Lončarić brothers, serious hopes for the Olympic Games in Paris.

Ten eights were registered, which is the first time in several years, and it is certainly worth recommending this race whose crew consists of brothers Sinković and Lončarić, among others.

Like all national championships since 1991, this one takes place on the Jarun regatta course, since it is the only regular rowing track in Croatia type A1 according to the standards of the International Rowing Organization, and you can watch this spectacle live via our webcam.

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