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Porto Etno Festival in Rijeka
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Porto Etno Festival in Rijeka

  • 06.09.2019. - 08.09.2019.
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Porto Etno is an international festival that turns the concept of the Port of diversity into a unique experience. Rhythms, chants, flavours and scents from various cultures around the globe will make Rijeka the centre of global culture in the first weekend of September.

The Porto Ethno World Music and Gastro Festival , the backbone of Rijeka's national minority communities, immigrants to Rijeka as well as music nomads from around the world, in its third edition is expanding into three days and 3 different locations.

The festival includes music, gastronomy, folklore, circus and children's program and is intended for everyone - as well as our temporary fellow citizens from Croatia, the region, Europe and the world!

The indigenous scents, flavors, songs and tunes of Istria and Kvarner are combined with those from all over the world in a vibrant recipe for a multicultural and open city. The backbone of the festival is the ethno music and gastronomy of the countries whose minorities are active in Rijeka and the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, as well as all other world music and gastronomy that we encounter due to the increasing migration movements. We take the best of culture and nature and turn it into a spice that gives a new flavor to Rijeka. The kitchen of diversity thus creates new spaces for socializing, solidarity and tolerance.

Hundreds of musicians, around twenty world cuisines, and many educational programmes make this festival special and the best example of Rijeka’s multicultural collage. Porto Ethno is the specific festival that best embodies the Port of Diversity, the slogan by which Rijeka bears the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture next year.

Porto Etno produces a direction Kitchen of Diversity Rijeka 2020 - the European Capital of Culture together with the City of Rijeka, communities of Rijeka's national minorities and immigrants to Rijeka from all over the world.

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