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Peasants’ revolt – Battle of Stubica
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Peasants’ revolt – Battle of Stubica

  • 01.02.2020. - 09.02.2020.
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Everything that every fairy tale must have is in our Croatian Zagorje - forests, castles and curia, museums, thermal springs, churches, trails, vineyards and wine routes, delicious food, dear people, stories, legends and songs.

One of the most popular events in this area is happening this Saturday, February 8th - Peasant Revolt - Battle of Stubica.

This year too thousands of visitors will also have the opportunity to see live the Peasant Revolt - The Battle of Stubica, scene of the final battle of the Peasant Revolt in 1573, which traditionally commemorates the Anniversary of the Rebellion in the Stubica area. The spectacular battle of peasants and Tahy's army, in which an overwhelming army defeated the peasants led by Matija Gubec with numerous accompanying events year after year, attracting more and more visitors. Along with the appropriate reconstruction of the Rebellion, the Old Crafts Fair will be held, as well as a wide range of local specialties, as well as a lot of fun every year.

16th century – the great “battle of the battles”! A rich cultural and musical program, medieval fair, workshops and playrooms, rich gastronomic offer.

In addition to enjoying the tours of the beautiful castles that Zagorje has plenty of, interesting nature and vistas, during the year Zagorje also organizes a number of other interesting events such as: Rally Kumrovec, Grandma’s Cakes, Kostel Easter Gun, Trail from hill ti hill, aviation modelers competition , International Festival of Hot Air Balloons, International Festival of Theater, International Equestrian Caravan, International Mountain Car Race, Zagorje Fair and Exhibition of Motocross, Night of Night Butterflies, Summer at Marija Bistrica, Pilgrimage of Cyclists and Cyclists 4 Chapels and many others.

Be sure to look for accommodation on one of the rural estates where you will experience the authenticity of Zagorje, as in Zagorje wineries a superb gastronomic experience.



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