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Pag will revive old crafts
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Pag will revive old crafts

  • 23.08.2018. - 24.08.2018.
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The old crafts trade fair in Pag is dedicated to presenting and reviving "ancient customs", the great cultural heritage of the island of Pag through gastronomy, old tools and crafts, customs and everything that needs to be preserved from forgetting and by the way to have fun. The festival is held as part of the Pag’s Cultural Summer event on 23rd and 24th of August and is one of the most popular programs already going on for the 5th year in a row.

At the Petar Krešimir IV square and on the streets of the old city center of Pag, the old crafts will be revived: pottery, carpentry, blacksmith, basketmaking, grinding flour on an old mill, woolen, weaving and knitting, cheese making, making Pag’s lace, traditionally brandy making, spinning wool on cannery, making fishing traps, throwing bottles, repairing a fishing net, carving, cartography, and many other forgotten crafts and skills. You can also see how dclothes and linen were washed, how the people in Pag’s taverns were playing cards and women playing bingo on Pag’s streets, how the shoemaker worked,you can see making the honey, ropes, and many more.

All this will cheer up all the visitors, tourists and weekend people who like to see the crafts and skills that people used to serve today and today they are very rare or not exist any more. That is why the old crafts festival program is interesting to all, enjoyed by both children and adults.

 Photography: Elvis Šmit


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