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Novalja Swimming Marathon
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Novalja Swimming Marathon

  • 04.09.2021. - 05.09.2021.
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The island of Pag is different from all other Adriatic islands, and it is made special by the rugged nature and unusual beauty. In addition to the famous beaches, the island of Pag has another important tourist asset - outdoor project.

Last year, Pag Outdoor Weekend proved to be a hit and in the first year it became one of the most exciting Croatian outdoor platforms, and due to great interest, this year it became Pag Summer Outdoor, a permanent destination program.

During the summer season, a handful of outdoor events are organized throughout the island: cycling, Nordic walking, trail, kayaking, SUP, windsurfing, running, walking, all under the watchful eye of licensed and experienced trainers in various forms of active tourism. Novalja has definitely become the queen of outdoor tourism and one of the most desirable summer destinations.

At the end of the season, after all summer outdoor activities, Novalja is preparing the 1st Swimming Marathon this weekend, which will be held in the Novalja waters. The marathon is held on a fortified irregular rectangle in a total length of 3000 m. Members of swimming clubs and recreational athletes from the Republic of Croatia and abroad can also participate in the Novalja swimming marathon until the limit of 150 participants is met.

Visit Novalja and experience another outdoor weekend as the ideal end of the summer season.

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