Nin's šokolijada - an authentic tourist story
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Nin's šokolijada - an authentic tourist story

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In Nin the production of „šokol“ is part of the cultural heritage, a recipe wrapped in secrets and transmitted by a family whisper from the generation to generation.

Šokolijada is the most significant manifestation of ancient Nin and one of the most important gastronomic events in the area of the Zadar region, which has been in the tradition of preserving the tradition and since 2003. it has evolved into a recognizable gastronomic, eco and ethno show, attended by many producers from all over Croatia and abroad who are representing their work and skills, while also exchanging experiences.

Nin's Šokolijada was initiated primarily because of the increasing urbanization of „šokol“ as an indigenous product of this region slowly went to oblivion. This most significant cultural Nin's manifestation is included in the 100 most significant manifestations of Croatia. The most long-lived manifestation in Nin is the only gastronomic event in the Zadar County, which has received three awards during 19 years.

Manifestation Nin's šokolijada, for years already acquainted visitors with a story about the „šokol“, whose preparation is very important quality pork meat, salt and spices. Every single family has its own traditional recipe that makes every single „šokol“ different than the others.

The recipe foundation is a pork neck that is first placed in sea salt for a number of days, then stayed in mulled black wine and spice with various spices, and is then left to the effect of smoke and strong sea wind called „bura“.

As in previous years, the Tourist Board of the city of Nin invited all interested custodians - schoolchildren to apply until January 30, 2021 to participate in the unique international gastronomic Nin Chocolate Festival which celebrates an important brand in the city of Nin.

Another international gastronomic event, the 19th Nin Chocolate Festival, began with the registration of competitors - schoolgirls and schoolboys from the Nin region, and the distribution of meat. This year, 41 schoolchildren from 10 places, 28 men and 12 women, are competing for the prestigious title of the best schoolgirl / schoolgirl. Out of a total of 41 registered competitors, 24 competitors belong to young heritage custodians.

The art of making this kind of meat is an intangible cultural heritage. There are very few self-denying, unique, extremely high-quality and rare delicacies left and it always takes a lot of effort to further preserve and continue this tradition.

This festivity and the announcement of the winner or the best is planned for July 18th, of course it will be adjusted to epidemiological measures.

Nin, though small, is again so big, important and significant for our culture, tourism, identity and definitely tourist destination with the most unique, incredible, diverse and authentic tourist stories in Croatia.

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