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National Tie Day
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National Tie Day

  • 18.10.2021. - 18.10.2021.
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The necktie/cravat is a decorative garment that is worn around the neck beneath a shirt collar made of silk or other material. As the original Croatian product, it spread to Europe in the 17th century through Croatian soldiers in the thirty-year war, where it became a recognizable fashion detail. The first was accepted by the French, and in their language comes with the name “cravate” and later in other European languages with similar names.

World and National Tie Day was marked on the main square of Zagreb, where after the change of the guard of the Tie Regiment, its commander placed the tie on the statue of Ban Josip Jelačić. National Tie Day will be marked by placing a tie on another 40 monuments in Zagreb, including monuments to King Tomislav and Franjo Tuđman, as well as activities in other Croatian cities.

The tie as the identity heritage of Croatia especially effectively and meaningfully encourages Croatia's communication with the world. At the suggestion of Academia Cravatica, 2008 the Croatian Parliament declared October 18 the day when Croatia celebrates Tie Day. And since then, that day is solemnly celebrated every year with programs throughout Croatia. Academia Cravatica has been working on the worldwide promotion of the necktie for decades, so this day, the Day of the necktie, is celebrated every year internationally. The world public is interested in the tie, which confirms that the tie is Croatian, European and world movable heritage.

If you walk through Zagreb these days, you will surely notice red ties on all important Zagreb monuments. Because the tie is a symbol of the Croats that the whole world wears.




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